Re-Mastered Ass

nscTalking about Info warfare and propaganda — some think it is business as usual in politics. But it is not and politicizing National Security and serious Intelligence has historically gotten players who think they are too smart in hot waters.

The White House story line is that Ezra Cohen-Watnick was “researching” unmasking of US citizens in incidental collections and comes across intercepts, not of conversations as Nunes said but mentions, of  Trump’s associates by foreign targets which is all legal. He was doing so “in the normal course of NSC business” and not related to the House hearings at all. He conveys that to Michael Ellis, a WH counsel who was also counsel to Nunes’ committee. Ellis, Cohen-Watnick, one or more people tell that Nunes on the WH ground because WH ground is secure.

Lots of places in DC are secure. Rumor has it that since there are very few terminals where some classified material can only be viewed and not printed, and 1-2 being at the WH, that is why Nunes had to go there. Which means he was not just “on the grounds” but at the terminal which is on the inside and technically on the WH grounds.

Nunes holds an impromptu press conference the next day and they all inform the WH then. Remember Cohen-Watnick was let go by McMaster and brought back at the insistence of Kushner and Banon to Trump. The House hearing were cancelled last week and the Senate started its on distancing itself from the House investigation.

All this public fiasco on a House hearing involving national security and McMaster was bypassed and out of the loop. It is a safe bet to say he wants to rip a new one for Cohen-Watnick. He won’t have to … there are so many other people waiting in line.

All of this could have been avoided if they had asked Anthony Weiner to do a plumbing job. Go there, get a screen pic and snap-chat it out 🙂

Author: Sam Sarmad