Camouflaged Aggression: A Strategic Shift in Russia’s Cyber Activity

Many good points but is there a tendency to assume every result was a reaction to and “intended signal?” Excluding Cambridge Analytica’s targeted impact and Comey public statement on Wiener, the election results do not support an expected and certain success of any covert meddling — and not all such operations are expected or certain to succeed either.

Any successful Information Warfare or covert operation has elements of surprise, difficulty in attribution and intent. Cyber is a new warfare domain with unique asymmetric, low cost of entry, and high pay off characteristics but the underlying strategies are not new. TTPs’ change in time, theater and capabilities do not imply the same about strategies.

Russian IW goes back to Tzars as far as is documented and all of Sun Tzu’s teachings are about non-kinetic warfare. The unfortunate state of our daily political thoughts, discussions and priorities being riddled with pettiness does not impose the same limitations on our adversaries’ capabilities and priorities!

Source: Camouflaged Aggression: A Strategic Shift in Russia’s Cyber Activity


Author: Sam Sarmad