The 9 Conspiracy

Like the world needs one more conspiracy theory. Everything is related and fake news is not fake because facts have alternatives.

The Atlantic postulates that Reality Winner (what is in a name BTW you conspiracy comrades?) who was arrested for releasing the NSA TS document to the intercept (article here) may have in reality (no pun) been caught by secret dot codes that some color printers embed for law enforcement tracking purposes. The article demonstrates actual decoding leading to the date and time the NSA document was printed — and it is — May 9!

Now May 9 was the day Comey was fired and the CNN article here does have a link to the YouTube link “Nine!” So far we have 2 9’s and missing 7.

Hold those thoughts while I connect them … This whole Russian thing was somewhat started/collaborated by the Steele dossier and sexual blackmail stuff like peepee distance marathons.

Now 9 inverted is 6 and adding 6 to a 9 makes not 17 but 69 which is like looking a peepee competition right in the face — masked or unmasked.

As Dirty Jim testifies tomorrow and will say a peep (ooh … squeezed a palindrome in there too) another CNN article here on his prepared testimony has another YouTube link And, scene.

Just as you thought I am done here … But nein! Which BTW makes it 9 9’s. Trump’s reality show You’re Fired and him loving winning and winners adds up to Reality Winner printing the NSA document on May 9 — the day Comey was fired. Wow! Roll your eyes in your skull and do a poof with you hand and say: mind blown!!!

That is all today for my Illuminati friends. Popcorn tomorrow before the show and do not forget to pee first. While we are there … lets close and part on one from down under cheddar light shower di horse.


Author: Sam Sarmad