And Now For Something Completely Different

Taking a break from all this Russia election interference, information warfare and cross-border law enforcement, I clicked through a Miami Herald article on a Russian official linked to South Florida biker club who has a Trump branded condo tower.

I was shocked to learn about this South Florida Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Spetsnaz MC that stress not to be or associated with a 1%er club. Kinda make sense since

“Firstly, all the members of the Club have served or now serving in the SWAT, FSB “Alpha” Group, Russian Internal Troops special forces or Military forces, and, secondly, we have a special mission: to support the families of fallen policemen and veterans, to make sure that their heroic deeds are not forgotten and their families are never in need. To make sure that the children know that their fathers have given their lives for a noble cause.”

God bless them!

And just as I thought I was taking a break, this reminded me of another group of Russian bikers in Vancouver (they called them “The Russians” gang.) No special forces or spook stuff, they were first turned (or played a bunch of more than willing amateurs and bureaucrats,) and eventually went WP after causing (empire building kind of) pillage and mayhem.

A nice segue to perils caused by, or blessings for, off-the-books cross-border law enforcement (or something completely different) by Seattle undercovers in a 1%er club, with local cohorts of course. Ever so relevant — at it again with another un-fucking-believable global shadowy cabal story — not as good as the noble Monty Python heraldry visual above (nein! nobility my ass) but here is a visual comic. May be I can loop it in the next segment of: Nyet! La Voila! Los Bad Hombres! 🕵 🗽 🤡.


Author: Sam Sarmad