Towards Unity of Effort: Reforming the U.S. National Security Enterprise


Wow! A fundamentally an enterprise architecture issue has begotten itself a make-a-king solution. The article starts with highlighting the need for coordination and integration in the National Security enterprise. It then recommends expanding the NSC’s role to take more control of various departments:

By consolidating control of all the national security mechanisms that reflect all of the elements of national power into a single entity, the issues of department parochialism and the compartmentalized planning that accompanies it would be minimized.

“A need exists for national security to have a planning, programming, and budgeting structure that operates as a system rather than as a collection of separate components.”[21] By consolidating the execution and budgeting of the national security enterprise, the NSC members would be required to synchronize their planning efforts, acquisition procedures, communications networks, and global activities.

Also not sure about that RC potential silo/fiefdom. I think a permanent skeleton structure and staff, on standby regional SMEs (which already exist in every member,) and inter-operable tiger teams, etc. are more efficient and suited for not so active regions.

All of this just to synchronize and integrate? This can all be done through current Secretaries and the DNI with new shared operational structures and paradigms and without a need for a new layer of authority and bureaucracy. As any enterprise architecture challenge, org charts are not strategy and he devil is in the details.

Source: Towards Unity of Effort: Reforming the U.S. National Security Enterprise


Author: Sam Sarmad