Clapper: Trump Jr. Emails “Only One Anecdote in a Much Larger Story” | The Cipher Brief

True from an informed perspective. This whole crisis would not have happened without Information Warfare. One of the challenges with IW is that includes truths and half-truths — and the accompanying human intelligence operations include manipulation of people with no awareness of it, let alone criminal intent. As multitudes of disparate events unfold, assessing the manipulators’ 30,000 foot intent is at best blurry and more likely impossible through 30,000 local lenses of local focus — no matter how great their clarity.

This expensive lesson is history is already being lost to another 30,000 conflicting incentives — until they come again. From social/cultural, citizen education and institutional alignment trends it looks like we will be worse prepared.

Russia is Russia and it has done and will do what it does. Problems need to get fixed in the U.S. Russians did not create stupidity, self-serving character or lack thereof. There is a clear line between cognitive bias and dissonance and moral prostitution. When well informed and seasoned professionals, who are experts at public deniability of intent, and well aware of their own true intent, put their empire building/expansion ambitions and irrelevant values ahead of national interests and get into turf battles where they do not belong, we do not have a proper, cohesive and impenetrable defense or sufficiently recoverable system. Collusions of many faces and by other names.

Many right wingers believed anti Clinton propaganda, called her crooked Hillary and chanted “lock her up.” If Trump Jr. went to get incriminating evidence against her while Trump Sr. publicly encouraged Russians to release hacked emails, is that a conspiratorial collusion state of mind? Not reporting it to the FBI is also a hindsight view of professionals who trust the FBI and not the right wing populist view that the US Attorney was colluding with Bill Clinton in a non-by-chance tarmac encounter in an airplane and the FBI was actually protecting her and not charging her for a long, albeit not accurate list of criminal acts.

Source: Clapper: Trump Jr. Emails “Only One Anecdote in a Much Larger Story” | The Cipher Brief


Author: Sam Sarmad