“Dispatches from Hell Before Breakfast” – The Cipher Brief

What??? Mark Elton concludes with “Putting the heads of a few leakers on pikes (figuratively speaking, of course) would be a good place to start.” Someone call the cavalry and Wray and stop (or start?) all hell breaking lose! That was and is not in the guide! Move them to Mexico and make up a story about a spiked head. Adding some leak related dismemberment to the story — would reasonably of course — lead to the placatory state of affairs. Just nuts!  Figuratively speaking.

President Donald Trump is not the first American public figure to go to war with the press, nor is he the most extreme in his views.  Even without benefit of Twitter, the antipathy of Union General William Tecumseh Sherman for the Civil War-era Fourth Estate manifested itself in a memorably vituperative stream of quotes.

Source: “Dispatches from Hell Before Breakfast” – The Cipher Brief


Author: Sam Sarmad