Go Light on Nuts

Jim and JT (lets call them JJ as they have a whole taxonomy, metadata fork, but no more to themselves) have done it again! Speaking about nuts, this episode of Camp Winnipesaukee (that is a mouthful) has both nuts, light — and — it reminds me of Kwankiko Academy somewhere between Vancouver and Bellingham — past the transparent wall (is that Billy Crystal BTW?) — hard to get in — you can only get there on a horse (comme un Chevalier — so many puns in there,) Harley or fly there like an angel. Mr. Fletcher realized it was nuts trying to stop light and does not look like the wizard in charge — lighter (weight) grandstanding showboat fiercely independent killer Apegent — who has been not seeking but catching light — or rays — false-flagging light! So much light it is just nuts, and good thing, despite the innuendo, the clip is still PG and not within the purview of some habitual political posturing, 1st amendment and porn.

But oh no …. the story does not end there … it could have … it could have been a whole season but it just begins … and boy does it get more and more “nuts” … It can be a movie sequel The Nut Job III.  Just watch. 🙂 Do not leak it (though really impossible) or you may get head piked/spiked in Camp Zombie purgatory.


Author: Sam Sarmad