Jimmy Fallon & Russell Crowe Going Full (Frontal) Nuts

To keep up with the spirit of the blog and a week that has been just so nuts, and almost statistically significant, here is another ballsy clip from JF to top it off and get to the heart of the matter.

No-Conspiracy Despair Alert!

Too bad there is no Russian connection but lets make something up. Quick — swear to something — terrorism, some cartel somewhere, Italians, IRA, Freemasons, MI-6, Mosad, Mao, Napoleon, Genghis khan, Shah of Iran! Just get a FISA order and serve NBC and the East coast media where they will kick your special pony little ass to heaven or hell on this church Sunday and reunite you with the angels. But do not mess with the confederates below 49°. Like the song says — don’t go swimmin’ — down in the South …


Author: Sam Sarmad