Creating a ‘bespoke’ CIA or MI6 for Ireland could cause complications

The Irish are the masters of drama, over or understatement. Calling a civil war the “Troubles” and this contemplated super spy agency “could cause complications.” Also note the proposed agency would not be “like” CIA or MI6 but “would have responsibility for all elements of security along with military intelligence, the national cyberneticist agency” and other related organisations.” A new meaning for bespoke and what could go wrong? 

I can handle the foreign sounding Irish names and words while I read them in an Irish accent in my mind and imagine we are all in a pub having Guinness. Then there are those faces! What is it with these faces across the pond like the one above and the other one this week

Major complications could arise if Ireland tries to create a “bespoke” security agency similar to the CIA or MI6, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has warned.

Source: Creating a ‘bespoke’ CIA or MI6 for Ireland could cause complications


Author: Sam Sarmad