The Microsoft Design Decisions That Caused this Mess

This guy made an imaginary horse and beat it do death.”Microsoft’s actions can be read as a sub rosa declaration of independence from the rule of law, a declaration that enlists all of us as its unwitting revolutionaries.” and he goes on and on and on. 

So MS and other companies are supposed to second-guess, police and enforce user nationality, place of residence (how?) and not make an information-limited and balanced network optimization decision? But they did not because they foresaw this coming and the geek programmers in Redmond had revolution on their mind! It is a f***ing drop-down menu.

Paul should join the resistance! I can not top this one … he was an EE major. He must have had a hard time with the charges at the DOJ.

Microsoft’s design decisions contributed to the problem in Microsoft Ireland, as did its revolution against borders and local laws.

Source: The Microsoft Design Decisions That Caused this Mess


Author: Sam Sarmad