The Short-Sightedness of Obama-Era Cyber Operations Policy

Look who is back … GI James … Another pitcher, wings and mozarella sticks please.

I thought the last one was off but this one is better. There are so many well thought through analysis and recommendations out here, and at first, I thought that this is a bar talk, a bunch of harsh, tough-guy criticisms and directions: should do this and that and Obama’s fault that … Some one notice this guy and tell Trump and GOP that he is ready!

But it makes more sense if you read the article as it is a single or multiple college essays put together like this paragraph:

“To confront adversaries who threaten to hold our critical infrastructure at risk, the President must have options and the legal framework to confront adversaries who use cyberspace for malicious purposes. A legal, appropriate, proportional U.S. response to adversary activity should include elements of deterrence, capabilities that can de-escalate an international crisis, and the legal recognition that much of what the Islamic State and al Qa`ida publishes on the internet is the information operations of a declared enemy and therefore unprotected speech.”

And this is plain shitty English:

“In the future, the Department of Defense must engage in timely defensive and offensive operations for cyberspace to cease being the domain where US interests, wealth, and proprietary information continue to be lost to adversary activity. The Department must rescind the previous failed approach and shift to an operational mindset in the cyber domain,  just like it has in all the others.”

There … get the cyber-suicide-virus. One at 6 o’clock! Bang … gone! Thank you Batman.

Source: The Short-Sightedness of Obama-Era Cyber Operations Policy


Author: Sam Sarmad