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It is about disrupting and holding accountable entrenched actors and conduct that have reared their ugly heads again and again over the years continuing to present.

The following have been updated and added to the integrated slides:


Words & Perceptions Matter
Crossing the Line

Seattle Federal Corruption Slides Integrated:

Updated Slides 15, 16, 21, 22, 34, 35 ,36 ,37, 42, 43
7/18/2018: 54, 55
7/18/2018: 54, 56, 58

This post is the 5th addendum to (previous limited information 9 posts) and  integrated post for documentation and reference purposes. Information, context and statements were previously and contemporaneously documented and independently verifiable. Conclusions and assessments are self-evident or clearly marked and separately identified. Related efforts are not recent and have been ongoing for a significant period.


Author: Sam Sarmad