As one of a handful of purebred Persians of most noble pedigree, and I am being humble, I do not know whether to be proud of, or put off by all these recent references to our exemplary imprints on the history of humanity.

First there was the 70 year coin. But I never thought a day would come when the the foreign minister of Islamic Republic of Iran, a regime that has trashed ancient Persian history and heritage, get into a spat with the U.S. Secretary of State  over misappropriating the legacy of Cyrus the Great and Esther in the Old Testament.

It is certainly better news than the rest of the news.

And do not forget the 3 Persian kings/magi visiting baby Jesus.  Forget about the government. Factually speaking, well bred Persians, were, and are just biblical-proportionally different.

🙂 واین است تواضع و خود کم بینی إ

Author: Sam Sarmad