When the Consumer of Intelligence is a CEO, Does it Matter?

What! He created an imaginary villain and argues with himself. There may be many “schools of thought” but there are no schools or philosophies of facts.The executive may take the facts and do what they want (call it policy or weaving fiction,) but the facts should not calibrate and sugarcoat to executive temperament and feelings. Then he uses recent failures of a few not heeding warnings as a justification for everyone to bury their heads in the sand?! Looks like he wants a contract from someone. Shame on you and your “academy” which is not an accredited “school.”

What is the goal of intelligence? There are two possible schools of thought in response to this question. The one familiar to every military or government analyst is that intelligence should tell truth to power regardless of consequences. This aloof philosophy regards the objectivity of intelligence

Source: When the Consumer of Intelligence is a CEO, Does it Matter?

Author: Sam Sarmad