The Devil Is in the Data – Lawfare

Wow! the author suggests the government to be able to audit private entity data sets and algorithms on individual consumers, for data health/quality purposes, whatever that means and however impossible that is.

The government can already subpoena and access the any data within in investigative framework if there are violations.

His suggestion of creating an oversight entity requires standards and articulable parameters, which are lacking or difficult to define what data sets, subject to what quality criteria and for what purpose? So what if Amazon’s suggestion engine is not accurate? Why is the government with less technological expertise qualified to audit the leaders in the field? He does not mention the word privacy at all, nor does he consider how the government collects data and then turns around and re-purposes it for law enforcement or other uses. 

Government agencies need to be able to access the datasets that drive the tech sector.

Source: The Devil Is in the Data – Lawfare

Author: Sam Sarmad