Welcome to my blog where I share developments and thoughts on personal and professional interests: organizational, operational, social and political impact of Information and Network Security, Enterprise and Information Architecture – in addition to entrepreneurship, critical thinking, graphics design/illustration/animation, mythology, and comparative religious studies.

My technology background includes Enterprise Architecture, System and Network programming and security, and complex system integration.

I have stared and worked at start-ups, non-profit, and large corporations. My current professional focus is on a health, fitness, and wellness startup while consulting in a wide range of practice areas.

I have 2 master degrees from University of Washington: MBA with a focus on Entrepreneurship and Business/Financial Modeling, and Master of Science in Information Systems. My undergrad is in Political Science at University of Rochester.

I grew up in environments of high influence by, and emphasis on, art, civil and military service, politics and international relations, and academic excellence.

You can follow and contact me in English, French, or Persian 🙂