Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators

WTF with this article!!! Or is it a clever way to get her point across? Nice flow about procrastination, psychological reasons … and then boom … she goes fully ballistic: embracing hard work and trashing the millennials. There is a small point but even as an adaptation of her book, totally irrelevant to writer procrastination. For a second I thought she was one of these old fringe right misogynists (there are shes like that) spewing their early morning emailed line-by-line parroting talking points instruction venom of usual suspects of social and moral decline: East coast education (or any for that matter,) female equality, science, lack of responsibility and Starbucks at every Christmas. What would Jesus do? Of course he already forgave McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Burger King and the rest of corporate America for saying Holidays … 

I liked the “unmasking” part: “The fear of being unmasked as the incompetent you ‘really’ are is so common that it actually has a clinical name: impostor syndrome.” We should include that in section 702 reform to not unmask impostors … only 2 weeks until it expires and no procrastination! 

The psychological origins of waiting (… and waiting, and waiting) to work.

Source: Why Writers Are the Worst Procrastinators


Creating a ‘bespoke’ CIA or MI6 for Ireland could cause complications

The Irish are the masters of drama, over or understatement. Calling a civil war the “Troubles” and this contemplated super spy agency “could cause complications.” Also note the proposed agency would not be “like” CIA or MI6 but “would have responsibility for all elements of security along with military intelligence, the national cyberneticist agency” and other related organisations.” A new meaning for bespoke and what could go wrong? 

I can handle the foreign sounding Irish names and words while I read them in an Irish accent in my mind and imagine we are all in a pub having Guinness. Then there are those faces! What is it with these faces across the pond like the one above and the other one this week

Major complications could arise if Ireland tries to create a “bespoke” security agency similar to the CIA or MI6, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has warned.

Source: Creating a ‘bespoke’ CIA or MI6 for Ireland could cause complications

Uber Hacked and Surveilled Rivals, Alleges Ex-Manager in Letter

A 37-page letter sent to Uber Technologies’ management in May that painted it as a paranoid firm with a sophisticated intelligence apparatus designed to gain an edge on rivals and trick regulators has been made public.

Source: Uber Hacked and Surveilled Rivals, Alleges Ex-Manager in Letter

Invisible Doomsday Machines: The Challenge of Clandestine Capabilities and Deterrence – War on the Rocks

Stanley Kubrick’s iconic black comedy Dr. Strangelove remains one of the most insightful works on deterrence. The film revolves around the Doomsday Machine…

Source: Invisible Doomsday Machines: The Challenge of Clandestine Capabilities and Deterrence – War on the Rocks

Building a Future: Integrated Human-Machine Military Organization

The words of Yuval Harari from Homo Deus are reflected in a recent study which found that “the military is on the cusp of a major technological revolution as it enters the Robotic Age, in which warfare is conducted by unmanned and increasingly autonomous weapon systems, operating across all domains, and across the full spectrum of military operations. The question is not whether the future of warfare will be filled with autonomous, AI-driven robots, but when and in what form.” Key to realizing this shift in how war might be fought in future will be human-machine teaming.

Source: Building a Future: Integrated Human-Machine Military Organization

Britain says West must defend undersea cables from Russian navy

Reuters was not being GQ this day. He is waiting for May but is not happy about something. Better than Erdogan’s picture though.

Britain and its NATO allies must defend deep sea cables against a potentially catastrophic attack by the Russia navy that could disrupt trillions of dollars in financial transactions, the head of Britain’s armed forces warned.

Source: Britain says West must defend undersea cables from Russian navy