How Russian Hackers Amplified the Seth Rich Conspiracy Until it Reached Donald Trump and the CIA

A new report claims that Russian hackers altered dates in stolen documents to frame the DNC staffer for the theft.

Source: How Russian Hackers Amplified the Seth Rich Conspiracy Until it Reached Donald Trump and the CIA


Win or Lose, the Alex Jones Lawsuit Will Redefine Free Speech

The infamous conspiracy theorist is being sued for claiming the parents of a child killed in the Sandy Hook shooting were “crisis actors” paid by gun control activists. But also on trial is what it means to speak freely on internet.

Source: Win or Lose, the Alex Jones Lawsuit Will Redefine Free Speech

State Department And FBI Deny ‘Quid Pro Quo’ On Email Classification

Just came across this. Speaking of FOIA, transparency and the 9 conspiracy

Who in the FBI wants to work in Iraq? A question not an offer.

This should be included in FBI training under deep-sixing along with  deep throat … a la Watergate and not XXX.

Source: State Department And FBI Deny ‘Quid Pro Quo’ On Email Classification

The Hapsburg Group: Paul Manafort’s shadowy European network, explained

I do not want to rub it in that I was right but facts are facts and my intro already says it!

That was supposed to be a start of a cabal masquerading as an old world influential group, but alas, it was disrupted.

Obviously Manafort could generate some results but the scheme he was building would fall apart at some point and take people down along the way and with him. Duh! May be he would have become a CHS allowed to plead his way out (appearance-wise) and let the others burn. The book is still open on that one.

The concept is simple and the same: scarcity, ego and greed; shortcuts to wealth, power or fame through an exclusive group with special powers above or bypassing the normal channels and the law.

The attractiveness of old-world historical, deep, blood and non transactional, relationship-based ties is that they can neither be replicated nor purchased by any amount, and open only by selective and permitted associations: billionaires can not become royalty but Meghan Markle did.

The con is cashing in on the link and the middle-man con-artist has to be already in, find or create an association with the invisible Illuminati. But since they are so scarce, it is way easier to create imaginary ones or elevate already existing half-assed ones to a full new skull and bonery-Mason-Trilateral Commission-Pizza gate cooperative council. And they never put their own money (if they have any) where their mouth is.

And oh … I get to the West coast jokes (symbiotic relationships and stings included) as priorities permit, and if anyone told you they speak for I and my group, that I do not let even myself in, you are/have been getting conned! 🙂

Running a foreign influence campaign isn’t against the law. Not registering as a foreign agent is.

Source: The Hapsburg Group: Paul Manafort’s shadowy European network, explained

The NSA’s Declassified Cold War Propaganda Posters Are a Bizarre Delight

This takes “loose lips sink ships” to the next level.

There are 136 of them. So they are from 50’s, 60’s and 70’s at the height of cold war and, and I think it is safe to say (-), before covering gender reassignment costs. Here are some:














Source: The NSA’s Declassified Cold War Propaganda Posters Are a Bizarre Delight

What we know about the ‘Hapsburg group’ named in Manafort lobbying scheme

Great … another elite shadowy cabal con! The obvious reference in the name Hapsburg is in the marketing collateral and sounding like the Bilderberg Group or even more influential. 

It is probably a one man Chancellor group (or definitely since you do not need more overhead) dispensing money as needed and creating an illusion of many working connections and relationships, taking credit for success and blaming the Queen, Freemasons, “they” or some one else for unfavorable or inexplicable outcomes.

Manafort would have been a great CHS.

The ex-Trump campaign manager paid former European politicians more than 2 million euros to lobby for Ukraine, according to a new indictment.

Source: What we know about the ‘Hapsburg group’ named in Manafort lobbying scheme

More Dark Side Imagination

It is the weekend and time for more fun. It is also good to keep conspiracy theory exposure/closure traditions going by shedding light on those — ooh so deep dark secrets.

Remember the “secret” — reserved for in-the-know people — rumor that the Russians shot JR in D.C.; the house Sergeant at Arms in the middle of the house scandal and Rubbergate? Probably not even if you were there at the time …

But shhhhh … it was a “secret” thing meant to be propagated as a secret. Fear mongering rumors of KGB attack in D.C. and investigations gave it  credibility and traction. Must be the Info ops of the century or the millennium; a dream gold mine of stings, budgets and headcount that dragged on and on, and a dying industry people have been banking on.

Some also misinterpreted, misunderstood or imagined Bush senior said the Russians did it. You can hear it from the horse’s mouth below. Now do not say but he really did or he meant they did, or meant they did it but compassionately with JR’s health in mind. Then it was not the first time someone got shot and everyone else was told the Russians did it. This is the kind of stuff that would have pissed people off, sown distrust and caused divisions.

Gotta take bullshit by the horn and call bullshit with a bullhorn. Someone put a nail in that coffin, or a clip in it if you are gonna have to keep digging it up. Now get your house in order and stuff like that!


In Defense of the CIA’s Moral Compass | The Cipher Brief

Ooh … the compass, secrecy, outsider distrust and conspiracy theories rings a few bells. All you Freemasonry nuts, chill, one is about operating in darkness, the other one in light.

(Some of the following is repeated in Shallow State Brief to be posted whenever.)

Seriously though, do individuals apply their moral compass and exercise judgments in a quasi-military, highly disciplined hierarchical structure with little public oversight and transparency? The article’s point is that, as an institutional culture and operating matter, they rarely need to. The problem is, obviously many people think of it as the exact 180 opposite. The author is also an insider preaching to the Cipher Brief insider or friendly choir. What is lacking is a good and simple explanation to set the outsiders free.

The article is straight forward and is written to counter the current context of heightened levels of a morally corrupt deep state allegations. The Sowden NSA material, Russian election interference related revelations and leaks, FISA secrecy, high level FBI politicization and conduct, and the Trump/GOP attacks, although targeting FBI and DOJ and not the CIA,  have added to the already long standing public and media suspicions of all intelligence work. They also resulted in unprecedented transparency and scrutiny which added constraints on the scope of conspiracy theories.

Perceptions do Matter

The “deep state” explanation is appealing because it is simple and, even if incorrect and fact-loose, internally consistent. The general public has not had a more favorable perspective due to past revelations, incomplete information and the presumption of misconduct that goes along with secrecy. A framing bias also has roots in self-perpetuated organizational identity narratives, and at times hard to know or articulated real life operational requirement of conflicting moral absolutes, means and ends.

Operational foreign intelligence agencies engage in unsavory conduct that do not fit within the day to day expectations of social legal and legal frameworks. They are not meant to address internal social issues. In rule of law societies, they are supposed to follow laws and rules specifically legislated for that purpose which tip towards national security at the expense of social equity. 

On the external and dirty side, paramilitary operations, renditions, assassinations and torture until they were banned, or killing Bin Laden when it was mandated, letting Noriega run drugs and then bust him, and so on, are exactly the types of business they were supposed to engage in. As rule and task driven organizations, they are designed to implement policy, not to question it, and compartmentalization allows for obfuscation of the intended ends, even internally.

Public relation (or lack thereof) tactics of the organizations themselves are somewhat responsible for an image of a formidable, fearsome and schizophrenia-inducing monster and not a bunch of gun toting priests fighting Nazis and saving children.

Having almost unlimited capabilities to breach information and physical security barriers and effect lethal outcomes are assumed to be unlimited abilities to do so with impunity. In reality, operations are always based on legal statutory or presidential authorities, even if gamed. At times they were rogue like the Iran-Contra affair. The intrusive capabilities are not to be directed inward towards the society and citizens and they have in the past. When things go wrong, and if exposed, heads go no spikes.

Misunderstood Decision-making and Execution Structures

One of the causes of misconception is most people do not know how organizations and bureaucracies function. Consequently they oversimplify through familiar mental frames of reference.

Government agencies can have tens of thousands to over 100,000 employees, with mundane rules, regulations, processes and documentation requirements. Statements like “FDA is told by Monsanto to do X” shows not just a naivete, but a lack of clarity about how things work, number of individuals, organizations and complexity of interactions, processes and varied interests involved. 2 people are too many for a conspiracy, 100s or 1000s keeping major facts and events secret is not sustainable. Even in oppressive systems somebody leaks, talks or sells out. There are also traitors and moles.

Unnecessary Premises of Desired Conclusions

Another cause is ignoring the minimum requirements  for a spectrum of intent, collaboration, cooperation, collusion or conspiracy. People lie, cheat, steal and kill for ego, jealousy, status, candies, cigarettes or insurance money. Private companies and government agencies have their share of  good and bad managers, manipulators and assholes. 

Ongoing large scale conspiracies are not necessary to explain human behavior or a smaller collusion.  Data shows, it is always a few that initiate and maintain illicit conduct and manipulate others through false narratives. People that can effect such outcomes in bureaucracies are in high to mid level entrenched management who know the organizational ropes and the optics necessary to conduct operations, or even better rogue sub-operations, and maintain the appearance of legitimacy. Occam’s razor.

Distortion of Truth and Setting Organizational and Credibility Minefields

Given such existing situation, an allegation of the closely held impropriety is perceived by the rest of the organization as an unfounded conspiracy-theory attack and, by default, the organization protects itself and its own. The whole organization is then perceived to be acting in a conspiratorial manner to the people who have voiced legitimate concerns. The perpetrators can then, and have to, feed the flames by misdirection to other parts of the organization or an imaginary higher level “they” which is actually a shadowy non-existent “deep state” decision maker group. If the bait is taken, the accusers will appear incoherent, be discredited and portrayed to as nuts and organizational and outside resources are further mobilized against them.

False narratives can also result in internal organizational discord if others also start looking for the imaginary culprits, and it usually happens if a sufficient amount of illicit conduct is exposed but not explained away or suppressed. If picked up and distorted by other actors, sorting the truth from lies becomes a spaghetti mess that is actually desirable to the perpetrators since attention is diverted and unfocused.

That is the typical information distortion path/flow that results in a deep state appearance because state institutions are manipulated and illegitimately weaponized by a few, but neither the organizations nor the victims are aware of what happened.

As a side note, and an actual fresh example, McCabe engaged in this kind of internal deception and misdirection with his own agents about his own leak when he admonished them in what was characterized by one as “getting yelled at about this stuff” and told another to “get his house in order.” This not just lack of candor, he was playing the agency to maintain a false narrative he was responsible for. 

Other Relevance

Notwithstanding the politics, the information dynamics model can at least partially describe what is happening with Trump, the GOP and its constituents. They assume institutional problems because they see that first, before going after their targets, who they are trying to identify, and who are hiding inside a bureaucratic maze of secrecy. But they have to since they are getting blocked at the highest level of those institutions because they do not have specific targets and facts. It is a logical absurdity for both sides. So it became a war. Some of it has been defused but not over by any means. 

Another whole set of problems are created by the idea that the core of the organizations are not only functionally corrupt, but corrupt in purpose. To name a few, credibility, talent acquisition, public perception crisis management and generally attracting more people with misguided intentions rather than desired qualifications.

There is no shortage of scumbags who think that possessing and demonstrating a higher level of moral turpitude is an actual qualification, the sky is no limit and the higher the better. This is a basilica-worthy painting theme of saints and scum looking at each other thinking: that is me but what are they doing here?

CIA officers, by virtue of the Agency’s history and culture, rigorous training, continued oversight from both within and outside the Agency, are intensely aware of the criticality of morality. They recognize that intelligence and espionage function at the border of legality, in a secret and compartmented world.

Source: In Defense of the CIA’s Moral Compass