Creating a ‘bespoke’ CIA or MI6 for Ireland could cause complications

The Irish are the masters of drama, over or understatement. Calling a civil war the “Troubles” and this contemplated super spy agency “could cause complications.” Also note the proposed agency would not be “like” CIA or MI6 but “would have responsibility for all elements of security along with military intelligence, the national cyberneticist agency” and other related organisations.” A new meaning for bespoke and what could go wrong? 

I can handle the foreign sounding Irish names and words while I read them in an Irish accent in my mind and imagine we are all in a pub having Guinness. Then there are those faces! What is it with these faces across the pond like the one above and the other one this week

Major complications could arise if Ireland tries to create a “bespoke” security agency similar to the CIA or MI6, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has warned.

Source: Creating a ‘bespoke’ CIA or MI6 for Ireland could cause complications


The worst idea in cybersecurity refuses to die

Forget traps and lairs, worst are international, double false flag/frame/collateral damage disasters waiting to happen.

Some politicians want to make it legal for individuals and companies in America to pursue digital assailants.

Source: The worst idea in cybersecurity refuses to die

The “Backdoor Search Loophole” Isn’t Our Only Problem: The Dangers of Global Information Sharing

The upcoming expiration of Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) has launched a fresh wave of debate on how the statute’s “backdoor search loophole” allows the U.S. government to access Americans’ communications by searching information gathered on foreign intelligence grounds without a warrant. But while discussion about domestic information sharing is important, a critical element of the debate is missing: the privacy risks posed by global information sharing between the United States and foreign powers. Like its domestic analog, global information sharing may also permit the U.S. government to access and search Americans’ data without appropriately accommodating their constitutional rights.

Source: The “Backdoor Search Loophole” Isn’t Our Only Problem: The Dangers of Global Information Sharing

Title 26, 18, 50 and 10 Confusion

It is about disrupting and holding accountable entrenched actors and conduct that have reared their ugly heads again and again over the years continuing to present.

Title 26, title 18, title 50 and title 10 … so many titles, eve a USA can get confused, but 4 of them on the least?!

This post is an addendum to (previous limited information 9 posts) and  integrated post for documentation and reference purposes. Information, context and statements were previously and contemporaneously documented and independently verifiable. Conclusions and assessments are self-evident or clearly marked and separately identified. Related efforts are not recent and have been ongoing for a significant period.

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Intro to Foreign and Domestic War Waging by Seattle Federal Agents

Months of work and finally done with the intro for now! Alpha Mike Foxtrot 🤠🤡🐴🐸🐥🐀🐒🌞🌟💫🔥💥

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