Satellite-based entanglement distribution over 1200 kilometers | Science

A successful quantum communication network will rely on the ability to distribute entangled photons over large distances between receiver stations. So far, free-space demonstrations have been limited to line-of-sight links across cities or between mountaintops. Scattering and coherence decay have limited the link separations to around 100 km. Yin et al. used the Micius satellite, which was launched last year and is equipped with a specialized quantum optical payload. They successfully demonstrated the satellite-based entanglement distribution to receiver stations separated by more than 1200 km. The results illustrate the possibility of a future global quantum communication network.

Source: Satellite-based entanglement distribution over 1200 kilometers | Science

The FBI and I Agree – Lawfare

Last year when I testified in the House Judiciary Committee on the Apple/FBI case, I argued that what the FBI was asking for would create a serious security risk for Apple. It seems the FBI agrees. In a case about releasing information regarding unlocking a phone, the FBI presented a brief arguing that the security risks means it should not be required to release information about the company that unlocked the phone.

Source: The FBI and I Agree – Lawfare