‘Crypto Anchors’ Might Stop the Next Equifax-Style Megabreach

There’s no foolproof system to keep hackers out. Instead, this increasingly popular security design keeps them in.

Source: ‘Crypto Anchors’ Might Stop the Next Equifax-Style Megabreach


Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Remarks on Encryption

Never mind that companies will not agree to the proposed key escrow scheme. With so many applications — many open source and internationally dispersed — there can be no trusted and centrally managed repository, and may applications that do save keys in a company repository, save them encrypted by a password known only to the user.

Remarks of Rod Rosenstein, the deputy attorney general, about encryption at the U.S. Naval Academy on Tuesday.

Source: Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein Remarks on Encryption

‘Information’ is playing outsize role in warfare

In 21st century warfare, war is cognitive as much as it’s kinetic, Lt. Gen. Vincent Stewart, director of the Defense Intelligence Agency, told a small group of reporters in his office this week.

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