Correction: Trump’s Pick to Head CIA Did Not Oversee Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah — ProPublica

Darn it … As I was getting to enjoy, women for a change, tormenting men at the workplace  … alas it was not true. Not all may be lost though … a glimmer of that gray area that is Thailand.

ProPublica erred when it reported in 2017 that Gina Haspel was in charge of a secret prison in Thailand during the infamous interrogation of an al-Qaida suspect.

Source: Correction: Trump’s Pick to Head CIA Did Not Oversee Waterboarding of Abu Zubaydah — ProPublica


Integrated Posts Updates

It is about disrupting and holding accountable entrenched actors and conduct that have reared their ugly heads again and again over the years continuing to present.

The following have been updated and added to the integrated slides:

Never Too Late
Focusing on Relevant Stuff
Title 26, 18, 50 and 10 Confusion

Federal Investigations Primer:
Added compartmentalization & Need to Know

Cross-Border Law Enforcement Primer:
Added Canadian “Agent” Role
Added Stings, Ethnic Communities and Foreign Personas
Updated Factual Instances: Corruption
Updated Impacts of Off-the-Books or Regional Independence Alliances

Sources, Operatives & Organizations Digest:
Added Criminal Organization Structure
Added Criminal Organization Communication Structure
Added Matchmakers & Rainmakers

Seattle Federal Corruption Slides Integrated:
Added Selected Linkages Slide Set

This post is the 2nd addendum to (previous limited information 9 posts) and  integrated post for documentation and reference purposes. Information, context and statements were previously and contemporaneously documented and independently verifiable. Conclusions and assessments are self-evident or clearly marked and separately identified. Related efforts are not recent and have been ongoing for a significant period.

Bachelor Finale Cold Open – SNL


As Clearance Backlog Soars Past 710,000, Senators Want to Know Why – Defense One

How much of this is due to overclassification? Simplified:

Risk imposed by backlogs + Risks imposed by unnecessary classification and by default > Cost of fixing the classification system (instead of physical queue management)

A nearly four-fold increase has people waiting more than a year for top-secret clearance.

Source: As Clearance Backlog Soars Past 710,000, Senators Want to Know Why – Defense One


Deciphering the Redactions in the Schiff Memo

Deciphering is one thing and there is more there … then you don’t know what you don’t know.

The Schiff memo, the Democrats’ response to the Nunes memo’s claims about the Russia investigation, was released over the weekend and it contained a few nuggets of new information.

Source: Deciphering the Redactions in the Schiff Memo


Document: House Intelligence Democrats Release Rebuttal Memo

Certainly good points, politics and maneuvering aside, but since majority of people do not know the underlying “highly sensitive” intelligence the root cause of the beef can still not be deciphered by the majority of the majority of those people in the dark. Psst … if the Russians know a good part of the “highly sensitive” S&M intelligence how much of the classification is institutional PR protection? And what is it with the email format and hand writing corrections? Nunes memo was a Monarch note and this is more like Shakespeare. I still need to digest this document and read every footnote.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have released their rebuttal to the memo on alleged surveillance abuses prepared by Chairman Devin Nunes. The rebuttal memo is available in full below.

Source: Document: House Intelligence Democrats Release Rebuttal Memo


Document: Special Counsel Indicts Russian Nationals and Entities

Now this is how it is professionally done. Investigations, facts and boom. And it did not take 20+ years of the (other) Russians and the (other) IRA crap and milking childish conspiracy theories of the Sergeant at Arms of the house sucking it up as a symbolic tit-for-tat across the continent. Always got to Watch out for more wanna-be’s on both side setting up new dynamics.To follow.

The special counsel has indicted thirteen Russian nationals and three Russian entities on charges of conspiracy to defraud the United States. Three defendants are also charged with wire fraud and bank fraud, and five defendants with aggravated identity theft. The full indictment is below:

Source: Document: Special Counsel Indicts Russian Nationals and Entities


On the Judicial Resistance

Shocked! Shocked!

Josh Blackman’s thoughts on the meaning of judicial resistance in the Trump administration.

Source: On the Judicial Resistance


ICE Wants to Be an Intelligence Agency Under Trump

Immigration enforcers have tried for years to get access to spy agency secrets. Civil libertarians call the prospect ‘frankly terrifying’—and a lot more realistic under Trump.

Source: ICE Wants to Be an Intelligence Agency Under Trump


Misleading the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has Always Been Dangerous

Round 3.

Over the last week, there’s been a great deal of discussion on Lawfare regarding the role that the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court might play in clearing up controversy over the Nunes memo. As a matter of fact, there isn’t much doubt that the FISA Court has plenty of authority to investigate and punish Justice Department and FBI officials who have filed misleading pleadings.

Source: Misleading the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court has Always Been Dangerous