Russia Indictment 2.0: What to Make of Mueller’s Hacking Indictment

As President Trump prepares to meet with Vladimir Putin, his Justice Department says it can prove beyond a reasonable doubt that the Russian president has been lying about his country’s involvement in the 2016 election hacking.

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The NSA and the USA Freedom Act

Data inconsistency or data consistency indigestion!

How to understand the NSA’s June 28 announcement about its call-detail record databases.

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The NSA Is Using Secrecy to Avoid a Courtroom Reckoning on Its Global Surveillance Dragnet

President Trump holds the keys to some of the most powerful spying programs in the world — surveillance that gives the government warrantless access to a sea of digital data moving around the planet.Emails, web browsing activities, and chats that you thought were private instead end up under the government’s digital microscope, and the National Security Agency saves those of interest in searchable databases for years to come.

Source: The NSA Is Using Secrecy to Avoid a Courtroom Reckoning on Its Global Surveillance Dragnet

Carpenter’s Implications for Foreign Intelligence Surveillance

The Supreme Court seems to have understood itself as applying the Fourth Amendment to the 21st century, and in particular to digital network technology of the 21st century—but it left several key questions unanswered.

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The Fifth Anniversary of the Snowden Disclosures

The first story resulting from Edward Snowden’s theft and disclosure of classified U.S. government documents was published five years ago this week. When reading about Snowden, keep in mind the dedicated NSA employees who strive to uphold the rule of law and protect their country.

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The Rule of Law Is Under Attack

The idea of the article is correct. The context is not that clean cut. FBI is great overall, but we have the not so trivial IG released and to be released reports on McCabe and Comey.

That is not even considering the claim that at some point, rather than what could and should have been stopped, it became a setup (including the NSC adviser), knowing where it would go and how it could be institutionally and politically exploited. 

There is a lot of politics but also reactions to a perceived already politicized and abused system.

As a former Department of Justice detailee to the National Security Council, I fully appreciate the value that rule of law brings to this country. Lately, however, I’m finding it harder and harder to watch as our collective rule of law comes under attack

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