McCabe, the New ‘Deep Throat’

Ooh yes baby … who is your favorite? Dirty Jim, Deep Throat Andy, or Stormy? Come here for all the raw intelligence and integrity porn fit to read, lick, suck up or swallow.

But seriously, there is a lot lost in the extreme emotional taking of sides that leads to bias and tunnel vision. It is not just a matter of ethics as an often distant concept or isolated in impact, but of real victims. What he did, his false narrative, over time, carefully crafted and maintained, was not victim-less inside the FBI or to it as an institution. People have been hurt or died when this level and type of conduct cascades or starts to unravel and that is not a joke.

Another top bureau official who leaked, lied and blamed other FBI agents.

Source: McCabe, the New ‘Deep Throat’


The Low Tragedy of Andrew McCabe

This one was too low to qualify as a Greek tragedy.

What McCabe did is probably indistinguishable from the kind of lying and half-lying that happens in every corner of government every day of the week. He would have gotten away with it if the FBI and Justice Department had not become the focus of historic partisan ire.

Source: The Low Tragedy of Andrew McCabe

Document: DOJ Inspector General Report on Andrew McCabe

Of course he knew what he was doing, and being of a mindset of deniability and legal jockeying, never thought there would  be an OIG investigation, and then lied thinking he could get away, and then thought they would go easy on him. There has always been some leeway and protection in a law enforcement context when the genuine intent and conduct is to get a  criminal target and avoid legal technicalities. Using an institution’s capabilities for political and power play purposes does not follow the same rules and invoke the same protections.

The Justice Department Inspector General released the following report on its investigation of allegations against Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI:

Source: Document: DOJ Inspector General Report on Andrew McCabe

Integrated Posts Updates

It is about disrupting and holding accountable entrenched actors and conduct that have reared their ugly heads again and again over the years continuing to present.

The following have been updated and added to the integrated slides:

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Another Perspective on Andrew McCabe’s Departure

When will you find you religion if not now and where can I find this canonization process? Lets fast track things to to heaven, hell, resurrection and redemption.

Why we should delay McCabe’s canonization until the facts are in.

Source: Another Perspective on Andrew McCabe’s Departure