The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America: Steven Seagal, Tom Morrissey

A must-not read and a graphics design masterpiece … hmm … and oh … pardon the sarcasm … definitely buy it since there is a foreword by Joe Apraio.

I did not know SME was trademarked … but then I am not a National Security SME … or is “National Security Subject Matter Expert” trademarked? The NSSME became a SME by reading a lot or high quality stuff and calls this the greatest book in human history.

Other Amazon reviews beg to differ but then they are not NSSMEs.

But wait, there are also 5 star reviews!

Source: The Way Of The Shadow Wolves: The Deep State And The Hijacking Of America


Pantone’s Color Of The Year Is Here, And It’s As Nebulous As 2018 Looks

Terrifying or exciting? Ultra violet could be either.


“Complex” doesn’t begin to describe it. We’re wrestling with an administration that wants to reverse decades of progress in civil rights, economic justice, environmentalism, and more. We’re confronting the ugly truths about gender inequality and abuse. But just as fast as some forces are yanking us into the past, we’re careening even more rapidly into the future thanks to powerful innovations in biotechnology, artificial intelligence, and blockchain technology.

Purple, of all the colors in the spectrum, embodies this situation best, as Pantone explains. “[Ultra Violet] is a very provocative shade, but it’s also a thoughtful color–it sounds like a bit of an oxymoron,” Eiseman says. “This is the kind of color attached, historically, to originality, ingenuity, and visionary thinking. These are the elements we need to create a meaningful future. Inventiveness and imagination is something we seek in our personal lives and business worlds. People are looking for that ‘magic bullet,’ and this shade is the perfect shade to lead right into it . . . It’s intriguing, fascinating, and magical.” …

Source: Pantone’s Color Of The Year Is Here, And It’s As Nebulous As 2018 Looks

And Now For Something Completely Different

Taking a break from all this Russia election interference, information warfare and cross-border law enforcement, I clicked through a Miami Herald article on a Russian official linked to South Florida biker club who has a Trump branded condo tower.

I was shocked to learn about this South Florida Law Enforcement Motorcycle Club Spetsnaz MC that stress not to be or associated with a 1%er club. Kinda make sense since

“Firstly, all the members of the Club have served or now serving in the SWAT, FSB “Alpha” Group, Russian Internal Troops special forces or Military forces, and, secondly, we have a special mission: to support the families of fallen policemen and veterans, to make sure that their heroic deeds are not forgotten and their families are never in need. To make sure that the children know that their fathers have given their lives for a noble cause.”

God bless them!

And just as I thought I was taking a break, this reminded me of another group of Russian bikers in Vancouver (they called them “The Russians” gang.) No special forces or spook stuff, they were first turned (or played a bunch of more than willing amateurs and bureaucrats,) and eventually went WP after causing (empire building kind of) pillage and mayhem.

A nice segue to perils caused by, or blessings for, off-the-books cross-border law enforcement (or something completely different) by Seattle undercovers in a 1%er club, with local cohorts of course. Ever so relevant — at it again with another un-fucking-believable global shadowy cabal story — not as good as the noble Monty Python heraldry visual above (nein! nobility my ass) but here is a visual comic. May be I can loop it in the next segment of: Nyet! La Voila! Los Bad Hombres! 🕵 🗽 🤡.


More Than Words!



Jack Booted Thug


“I don’t check with state
I don’t check with DC
I can set triggers and bait!
Create conflict and hate
In-flated ego spree

Yap yap freemasons yap
Gonna catch them all
Israel no, no blacks, no rap
Though I am so full of crap
My harrowed and ordained call

Foreign policy I make
Congress no, I don’t like
Fede-ra-lism is fake
I run things just as I like
Dee o Jay, can – take a hike

I set up ops, I direct and I play
Rational, fashional, pational
Who is CIA? Who is NSA?
On foreign soil I’ll expose them, yay
Damn! I am so inter national!


He started a fire
And offered – his assistance
He made it, look dire
Until he can re-tire
To justify his existence

No one gives him time! Just who?
Inept, scum, must he promote
Just look at, his wreck-ed crew
Knock their lights out – losers boo!
Of the same feather – so be it mote

With EPIC incom-petence
Behind big words he’d hide
Raged by irrelevance
Knowing his In-sig-nificance
Is, killing him inside


Do you like, your hell hot?
De-meaned your stature ebbs
Special, really? Brother or not
Lady lib’s torch up your butt
Should not have come weaving webs

Put you out of biz, with no sweat
Let’s exas-perate your blues:
Took your undeserved budget
LOL’d as I gave it … shit
To East and New York Jews


The War on Terrorism

HS Done


Tell me how, does it feel
In your face, and in your town
Made of wood and not of steel
burnt your snitches, ie: your bitches
Made you one and burnt you down

Add to his whining and his rage
He made me laugh and made me yawn
No col-la-teral dam-age
LOL’d as the button I pressed
My direct hit … pathetic clown

You can’t run, noting’s out of reach
Then they’re lauched one after one
Hellfires with your names on each
for all to see, you are an eg:
Before you know you are undone


Beavis Does British Columbia

Beavis and Butthead - Stalin and Lenin Coming Attraction


Where are you going? This is an intelligence operation!

ATT Cowboy

Circa year 2 k
at AT and T wireless
Len chased wild geese
relentless and tireless

shady like Frank
called himself a good man
led a bogus crew
this snake oil salesman

for hygene of Mark
must be one more pair
of the ugly outfit
every day he would wear

“this is an inel op”
achtung! do not go!
shrieked the quackaroo
to drag on the show

was the chief special führer
deaf, dumb and blind?
or a white-washing crook
so none ever find

where there is no light
amiss the dark side
lousy acts get wrecked
Jeckyl shakes off his hide


Nothing to do!

Beavis Cowboy

Cowgirl Beavis
and cowgirl Paul
decreed either die
or charge’em all

having nothing to do
thier monkey crew
had set to get
any LA Jew

but garbage Paul
screwed up indeed
and the little pig
taken to be hid

Oh! Indians they chase?
and circle in battle?
pathetic clowns
all hat and no cattle

everyone – they b s’d
as they burnt with ire
it shall be much fun
when their feet is on fire