Can a software program predict the future?

The multitude of “what would happen if” questions keeps military planners up at night, and proves to be difficult to simulate. Now, BAE Systems may have the answer.

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The Dawn of Artificial Intelligence in Naval Warfare

The U.S. Navy is investing real money to integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into the force, requesting $62.5 million in the FY19 Defense Department budget for AI and rapid prototyping.

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BDSM Fan Creates Extremely NSFW Amazon Alexa Hack

“A British designer has created an NSFW use for his Amazon Alexa, essentially turning it into the world’s first robotic dominatrix.  Gary, known online as Deviant Designs, linked up his Alexa to a device that he made himself, designed to deliver pain on demand. The Echo Dot connects to a Raspberry Pi, which in turn is connected to an Arduino hardware controller wired to an electric shock collar for dogs, Engadget reports. This dog collar, usually worn by pets to prevent them from running away, has been broken apart by Gary, an amateur enthusiast who learned all his coding and hardware skills from online tutorials. The wires that deliver the electric shocks were taken out and inserted into shock clamps, specifically designed to be clipped to your labia.”

So it is a novel idea, but not that creative (at least by BDSM standards) although it does address a market and customer pain point. What is really funny are the comments. What? These guys are getting into a spat about Asimov’s Laws of Robotics? It is heartwarming to know there are ethical BDSM practitioners out there. Hey Gina Haspel, are you listening? New blood and In-Q-Tel project for a tamer CIA! KSM would keep asking for more … more … please …

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Artificial Intelligence: Welcome to the Age of Disruptive Surprise

Elvis, dogs and apes need corrections.

“The ape might understand that fire burns without understanding why it burns. But “Why?” is the question that allows the caveman to harness and create fire.”

The ape definitely (beyond extremely high confidence and not just might) knows that fire burns within its observed context of what burning entails. And cavemen did (do … still?) not create and harness fire by understanding “why” but “how”.

The author used “forecast” 13 times in the article and appropriately “confidence” once. 

Fun read and flummoxed!

We have enough indicators already of AI’s awesome potential to start framing choices.

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