Federal supply-chain threats quietly growing

There’s a lot of emphasis on cyber threats, but the government is increasingly vulnerable to gaps in supply-chain security.

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DHS’ Big Data Integration Challenge

“DHS component elements generally do not see value in integrating information across the enterprise.  And there is little incentive to change this paradigm, absent dedicated funding for the enterprise and a clear prioritization of this integration from the Department’s leadership.”

DejaVu. Reminds me of one of my Boeing experiences. Our group transitioned from Data Conversion to a newly minted Enterprise Information and Data Architecture under Enterprise Architecture and Integration. The group’s largest project was the Enterprise Data Warehouse  to integrate data from silos owned by various business units and groups with no budget or incentive for those groups to share that data. Losing control of their fiefdom is also an unspoken concern of managers, and data is control. To make things worse, despite the “top-down” CIO (not CEO) mandate, those managers had to pay for the integration from their own budget … and push their other projects into not-on-schedule and over-budget to accommodate some thing that got them nothing in return. You guessed it, it was “you gotta be fucking kidding me” attitude walking into some meetings.

Technical challenges were surmountable but the organizational ones were not. It is not necessary to go into the detail of how some Architects felt about the ethics of pushing a product they did not believe in down the throat of other groups to their detriment, and I got into a spat with a couple managers almost outright telling them I am not a snake oil salesman. I do not know how that went, the last I know some clown Blue guy choked on it and lost the EDW budget.

As DHS announces major changes aimed at sharing more information with the private sector, The Cipher Brief talks with a former DHS Under Secretary for Intelligence and Analysis about the department’s big data challenges

Source: DHS’ Big Data Integration Challenge

How Russian Hackers Amplified the Seth Rich Conspiracy Until it Reached Donald Trump and the CIA

A new report claims that Russian hackers altered dates in stolen documents to frame the DNC staffer for the theft.

Source: How Russian Hackers Amplified the Seth Rich Conspiracy Until it Reached Donald Trump and the CIA

Emergent Technology, Military Advantage, and the Character of Future War

Absent a clear understanding of which military problems emergent technologies are required to solve, there is, perhaps, too much confidence in their ability to reshape the character of the next war by enabling decisive battlefield advantage. More troublingly, predictions about machine-dominated warfare risk obscuring the human cost implicit in the use of violence to achieve a political objective.

Source: Emergent Technology, Military Advantage, and the Character of Future War

The Unrealized Value of Open Source Intelligence for Irregular Warfare

Interconnectedness has allowed society to take great leaps forward, social media and the internet remain an ungoverned space for nefarious actors. Violent extremist organizations, criminal groups, and state actors have all taken advantage of the anonymity and access afforded by modern technology to

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How the Five Eyes Can Harness Commercial Innovation

Here are a few concrete ways to get this alliance’s vibrant commercial technology sectors to address common national-security concerns.

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