Understanding Data Breaches as National Security Threats

Not all identities and breaches are equal or lend themselves to same level of protection.

“The Russian influence campaign had real and substantial effects—and the data of private individuals was critical to conducting the con. Russian operatives purchased stolen U.S. identities, which they used to open U.S. bank and PayPal accounts and to buy access on U.S.-based servers; they then purchased Facebook ads and “buttons, flags, and banners” for political rallies.”

I did not hear of that “critical” part. What must-have access to what U.S.-based servers requiring U.S. bank and PayPal accounts? Ads do not need to be purchased by US residents or citizens but any ad agency, fake news outlet or entity.

The posing as real Americans argument is weak, it was not a skilled stealing of identity but an easy to pull off and hard to stop impersonation. Targeting real people with fake news was the real citizen related problem but that was a Facebook ad revenue feature.

Rather than bundling all breaches under one data breach/privacy umbrella issue, it is more properly addressed as a tool in the context issue: cyber crime, cyber espionage, information warfare, political interference, etc.

Theft of private individuals’ information tends to be viewed as serious only when people suffer direct harm. But such theft can have much larger consequences.

Source: Understanding Data Breaches as National Security Threats


Facebook’s Policies Pressed From All Sides as Europe Cracks Down

Recent regulatory developments in Europe highlight the complication of applying different regulatory regimes to a single global social media platform.

Source: Facebook’s Policies Pressed From All Sides as Europe Cracks Down

The Microsoft Design Decisions That Caused this Mess

This guy made an imaginary horse and beat it do death.”Microsoft’s actions can be read as a sub rosa declaration of independence from the rule of law, a declaration that enlists all of us as its unwitting revolutionaries.” and he goes on and on and on. 

So MS and other companies are supposed to second-guess, police and enforce user nationality, place of residence (how?) and not make an information-limited and balanced network optimization decision? But they did not because they foresaw this coming and the geek programmers in Redmond had revolution on their mind! It is a f***ing drop-down menu.

Paul should join the resistance! I can not top this one … he was an EE major. He must have had a hard time with the charges at the DOJ.

Microsoft’s design decisions contributed to the problem in Microsoft Ireland, as did its revolution against borders and local laws.

Source: The Microsoft Design Decisions That Caused this Mess

How to Fight Bias with Predictive Policing

Excellent piece. Not understating the validity of points 1 & 3 , is crucial. Going off on a tangent but dear to this blog and the news these days, biased ground truth is a root cause of bad input causing good analytical processes to reach incorrect conclusions and a tool of mis/disinformation and deception: defining false frames of reference, ground truth, narratives and legitimizing through genuinely misled people and legitimately executed processes.

“After all, the model doesn’t predict crime per se; it predicts convictions—you don’t know what you don’t know.”

The data-driven technique can perpetuate inequality, but if done right, it also presents an unprecedented opportunity to advance social justice

Source: How to Fight Bias with Predictive Policing

Spy Chiefs Descend on Munich Confab in Record Numbers

Nice … how it is done. Bureaucracies then implement and for the not so up and coming fiercely independent ones there are other reunion anniversaries. 🙂

Munich has become the new hot spot for top intelligence officials meeting in the shadows of a public event

Source: Spy Chiefs Descend on Munich Confab in Record Numbers

After Florida School Shooting, Russian ‘Bot’ Army Pounced

Twitter accounts suspected of having links to Russia were focused on Robert Mueller. But after news broke about the shooting, they quickly changed their focus.

Source: After Florida School Shooting, Russian ‘Bot’ Army Pounced

United States v. Microsoft: Why the Government Should Win the Statutory Interpretation Argument

Section 2703 of the Stored Communications Act not limited to electronic communications stored in the United States.

Source: United States v. Microsoft: Why the Government Should Win the Statutory Interpretation Argument