Walks through a sunken dream: the CIA report on life on Mars

Take me to your leader oh OWSTTS! 
Is FISA retroactive in time and space?
This is no reverse targetting
Or some bad hombre marketing
Hmm … I am stargazed … wondering
While sincerely pondering
Do aliens have unalienable rights?
Across many suns … a million lights?

In 1984, the CIA sent a psychic back in time to talk to Martians. This is not code language. The CIA sent psychics back in time to talk to Martians because the CIA had time-traveling spacefaring psychics. Nothing else we could say would make more sense given what the CIA had and did.

Source: Walks through a sunken dream: the CIA report on life on Mars

The truly terrible Cold War poetry hidden in the CIA’s archives

As we’ve written about before, the CIA’s obsessive scrapbooking led to the preservation of quite a few bizarre artifacts in its declassified archives – and perhaps none are stranger than this collection of terrible topical poems, which, through tortured rhyming couplets, offer the author’s takes on geopolitics, race relations, and the merits of “Captain Kangaroo.”

Source: The truly terrible Cold War poetry hidden in the CIA’s archives

Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon

Cool glasses. You may not like the foul-mouth Mooch but he is square and takes transparency to a whole new level … excuse my language … I meant fucking level … and Bannon is trying to do that??? 😲

Hard pill to swallow — so some time Scar may apologize but don’t hold your breath — if he did it will only be with a gift in a box. Don’t wanna be there for that unloading! LOL 

The new White House communications director has threatened to fire the entire communications staff.

Source: Anthony Scaramucci Called Me to Unload About White House Leakers, Reince Priebus, and Steve Bannon

Hip Hip (W)Hoo (W)ray? Clean Up!

I was reading Christopher Wray‘s bio and — what a breath of fresh air. He has both degree and pedigree: Yale and Philips Andover.

He is also NYC tough (I am not prejudiced only unbiased pro Lady Lib NYC) not a hey I can wear boots and shoot the unarmed on the ground proud kinda pussy.

Also noteworthy: no Skull & Bones membership and — Hogwarts yes but one school off and he would have been so Christopher Wray that that would have been a conspiracy theory heaven or hell depending on where you stand or sit – lay or play – fray or pray – toot you horn – or watch your porn.

He was also a DOJ Assistant Attorney General albeit under Saint Kareem Abdul Comey (I know — I can not get over it  — toot all — there are walls and there are Walls.)

Relevant and on that note, not wholesale offending an agency and good people in it (even though I am an equal opportunity insulter), one thing that needs to happen is cleaning up and recycling the Seattle Nero Apegent and his shrewdness gang (or Julius Ceasar oh my backside burns and his brutes) intimidating every one else, and to hell with their to-hell-with-everyone fierce and just a little bit too fatal independence. But not before they set everyone free by solving some tough national security mysteries like who shot JFK and Jack Russell (I have to compose more about this fascinating character) by putting together cooperation and training programs for every city, country, and continent except Dallas and D.C. — and BTW Congress (no mix up with shrewdness) and Independent Counsel investigations are not relevant and below them. Oh and also a new case if you have a few minutes.

Headcount and budgets are holy grail of career and money — so wait a second — the Russians did shoot Jim Russ, which means it is relevant as hell, comme d’habitude,  to the current investigation, no one can automatically rule out foreign or domestic intents and organizational long term designs and continuity, including active measures, any more or less than Trump’s dog’s past business dealings. Jump into the city from your branch. But nein! Every one is busy with NYC events — that tiny City with the largest FBI field office after HQ where they do not know how to solve real cases and uncover real facts. So back to exciting and career building task of forcing people to run credit cards and starting fires for job security. Alas, in a NY minute solved it is – exclude false-flags and the beneficiaries did it.

Follow dark skin terrorists into dimly lit falafel and souvlaki shops, or light skin (pun) ones drinking dark Guinness. IRA and is robbing breweries and violating prohibition. Call Eliot Ness! Then next — quick — investigate Wray in connection to ray, lamp, light, Pink Floyd, dark side of the moon and the NFL blackout and anything between heaven and hell. OMG — God is signaling — investigate God!

To pun – stars do align – truth’s raw you agree – knowledge is pedigree – just like light – does not compete or fight – neither seeks to please – gets you lit up with ease. What, is, in a name? Fan your fanny on flame.

Another Cross-Border Kinda Sorta Thing or More like Stuff

While researching more pet peeve, personal and professional interest cross-border stuff, I came across an example that is very relevant but not neatly categorized or declared as a cross-border law enforcement activity and which can evade watchdogs and safeguards protecting privacy, civil and constitutional rights. It is also a very interesting story.

2 undercover federal agents in rival motorcycle gangs went to Mexico to stage a theatrical murder of one to get the other into the Hells Angels. Killing 2 birds with one stone, one with a hit on him gets out of the picture alive, the second gets in.

Some people would be shocked but undercover work is ultimately based on deception: lies, fake identities, developed over time or manufactured backgrounds and histories, fake fortunes, legends, myths and story lines/narratives that need to be maintained or the whole house comes down.

The above saga also accentuates high risks of informants, misuse and committing of otherwise illegal activity sanctioned by handlers. It is a high impact risk, as articulated in a few of the Wall of Shame posts, and dependent on sources and sting participants who are of lowest-common-denominator or, at best, average quality need-to-be-herd and not quite Summa Cum Laude All American Special Forces 007 type. Different world — different culture.

So, staging murders, theatrical or by fake photographs and articles in newspapers (new news: fake news is not new!) has been a law enforcement method for various reasons (cheaper or reduced effort to relocate and protect, closure of unsettled underworld scores, inline with other operational story lines and narratives,) and it could also be used for illegitimate reasons (covering-up, instigating and starting conflicts and wars, false-flagging, evading accountability and prosecution of criminals, informants, operatives and agents themselves.)

Not pointing to that and — hey BTW — not beating up on Mexico either which is also a good place to vacation and a favorite Russian destination when on a break from warfare.

With porous or free-flow borders the challenge is the difficulty to document and monitor agent or operative crossings as casual travelers. They can influence activities of criminals and organizations with no record and impunity. A federal agent in, associating or prospecting with the Hells Angels in Bellingham, Washington State (not D.C. as some like to believe) frequents and stays across the border in Vancouver, Canada along with his partner/s starts shooting people and instigating wars. No one knows who they are except for their task force (if any) select participants, agents in charge or supervising agents, select foreign law enforcement partners, and may be informants and operatives. The local police certainly do not know their true identities.

Where is the oversight and accountability? None at all if the highest knowledgeable supervisor participates, is misled, refuses or is prevented to exercise a also potentially self-damaging authority. The cross-border risks and impacts articulated in Nyet! La Voila! Los Bad Hombres! 🕵 🗽 🤡 parts I-VI and ease of access to and movement between 2 countries make it very different.

What if a few of them, who often work in packs, get in a criminally and civil liable situation in another country as in Part VI examples — say pull a Connolly?  Of course they are going to report it — LOL’ing now.

What about their classified access to every one’s data, profiles, reports, and plethora of other personal information held in the federal government systems? Right — as if they will document stuff and update their SF-86 (BTW failure to do so is a felony) and fire themselves on the spot.

Now Some Fun

It is a Sunday. Not Sunny enough for a ride or a presidential solar wall. Some go to church. But I shall defend and stay true to the spirit of this blog, between reality and comedy, and mix it up with arts and crafts. Talking about theater, staging, the non-dead-dead and the living dead segues to Halloween as in the SNL clip below. SNL is the best and I always miss NYC. All of this brings back memories and parallels. The above Dobyns guy actually looks more the part than that pony-little-ass IRS guy Rick I knew (his 2nd or 3rd fake persona that is) for a long time in Vancouver (Canada that is.) Was his partner Dave also IRS or ATF, FBI … ? Not sure but Rick et al hate JYC.

The stage can use a reusable coffin and skeletons in the closet. Lordy … it is Halloween for heaven’s sake! Jim Carrey is also awesome and I was tempted to drop more names like Don Rickles — just for the hell of it — but held (no pun) myself back. Not a bunch of thinly veiled attempts but a transparent failure on the horns of a hellish dilemma. What is in a name? Frankly, I like J.C. better. It is holier — and look. Killing’em with LOL — or a smile — peut-être, juste un peu — Saint Mattis style. I rhyme again!