Deciphering the Redactions in the Schiff Memo

Deciphering is one thing and there is more there … then you don’t know what you don’t know.

The Schiff memo, the Democrats’ response to the Nunes memo’s claims about the Russia investigation, was released over the weekend and it contained a few nuggets of new information.

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Document: House Intelligence Democrats Release Rebuttal Memo

Certainly good points, politics and maneuvering aside, but since majority of people do not know the underlying “highly sensitive” intelligence the root cause of the beef can still not be deciphered by the majority of the majority of those people in the dark. Psst … if the Russians know a good part of the “highly sensitive” S&M intelligence how much of the classification is institutional PR protection? And what is it with the email format and hand writing corrections? Nunes memo was a Monarch note and this is more like Shakespeare. I still need to digest this document and read every footnote.

Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee have released their rebuttal to the memo on alleged surveillance abuses prepared by Chairman Devin Nunes. The rebuttal memo is available in full below.

Source: Document: House Intelligence Democrats Release Rebuttal Memo

33 most over-the-top Scaramucci quotes to Vanity Fair – CNNPolitics

A few kind words …

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House Republicans Release Secret Memo Accusing Russia Investigators of Bias

Why, unless redactions edited, was this even classified? How does this de-legitimize Mueller’s investigation which will be fact and evidence based? There is nothing in the memo that reveals sources or methods already not known or knowable. Is does answer some of the questions but it is not about the mechanics of the process but the input.

It is also not about whether there were legitimate reasons, at some point, to investigate or look at individuals and unsavory characters, and there are plenty of all. Trump business associates were neither saints nor secretly tucked away when he was elected beyond dreams or nightmares.

Politics is politics and there are philosophical differences and historical mistrusts fueled by a politically motivated game of smearing, questioning a presidents’ motives and even sanity. There are past instances of intelligence officials engaging in that behavior.

In that context, the core complaint, triggered by high profile and impact nature of what is at stake, is about official behavior gaming the inputs: I do it — whatever I want to do — (malfeasance, misfeasance, nonfeasance) because I could (potentially) legally claim the results would have been the same knowing it will look legitimate and no one will have the ability to question it anyways.

Essentially, it is not even parallel construction but setting up for parallel construction and reverse targeting.

“Catch me if you can prove” it is expected from criminals and not officials in positions of power with prima-facie legitimate claims to secrecy. People are not held accountable if facts and circumstances do not see the light of day. It is, on the least, an abuse of the rule of law. What results is always much worse.

That is the beef — or some of it.

The memo accused senior officials at the F.B.I. and Justice Department of bias in the early stages of the Russia investigation.

Source: House Republicans Release Secret Memo Accusing Russia Investigators of Bias


Another Perspective on Andrew McCabe’s Departure

When will you find you religion if not now and where can I find this canonization process? Lets fast track things to to heaven, hell, resurrection and redemption.

Why we should delay McCabe’s canonization until the facts are in.

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Cleaning Up Comey’s FBI

Trump and Comey should be judged on their own merits. So he was a great agent and kept his conduct and sanctimonious image aligned as people do. There is quite a bit of short-term self-serving and emotional allegiance shifting on these individuals in positions of trust and power. If Clinton had won, Comey would have been toast. FBI is not an abusive agency overall and does not have a public reputation problem. But internal (legalistic minded jockeying) shielding of abuses and abuse of secret procedures has caused serious issues of trust and credibility with important national constituents, allies and non-allies, where legalistic minded jockeying is considered pettiness at best. There are articulated as well as undisclosed abuses, conduct and violations that Comey et al either participated in or allowed and which call for a cleanup. Stuff will come out at some time — sooner or later — like the IG report triggering McCabe stepping aside. This should be seen as an opportunity and beginning of a deeper purge to preserve that reputation and a course correction for those gone astray.

Director Wray needs to restore the bureau’s fallen reputation.

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It’s Time for the Justice Department to Hold Hezbollah Accountable

The U.S. government must answer tough questions about its efforts to stop the group’s drug trafficking activities.

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Pornhub’s Data Shows Something Rather Hilarious Happened During The False Missile Alert In Hawaii | IFLScience

Or it could be just got to work? I am not going to make a furiously independent intelligence porn joke … or intelligence joke porn? Couldn’t hold back! 🙂

It’s a hypothetical question that everybody gets asked at some point – what would you do if you found out you have only hours left to live?

Well, that too has been answered. It turns out the answer to that question is “furiously masturbate”.

Source: Pornhub’s Data Shows Something Rather Hilarious Happened During The False Missile Alert In Hawaii | IFLScience


Why was Richard Nixon’s FBI application rejected?

Richard Nixon’s unsuccessful 1937 application to be a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation is a fairly well-known bit of presidential trivia. But as the Bureau’s own records show, answering the obvious corollary – why wasn’t Nixon FBI material – isn’t so easy.

On a corollary, Comey’s fiercely independent performance was much better for a non-politician politician.

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RT Sends CNN Moscow Bureau a Foreign Agent Gift Package | TVNewser

Tongue-in-cheek gift follows RT’s registration as a foreign agent in the U.S. from RT Sends CNN Moscow Bureau a Foreign Agent Gift Package

NPR correspondent tweeted the full package.