Thoughts on Erik Prince’s Proposal to Privatize Intelligence Gathering

Speaking of military/intelligence/political leadership moral prudence vs. running a business …

The implications of Erik Prince’s recent proposal to create a private intelligence organization.

Source: Thoughts on Erik Prince’s Proposal to Privatize Intelligence Gathering


Hayden, NSA, and the Road to 9/11

Bureaucracies and their management (government being the top offender) often act in not very efficient and political manner, and not with the best (hindsight) judgement. Technology and IT system selection and integration are among the worst examples. Notwithstanding the possibility that some essential required capabilities were redacted (illegal could also mean inability to conform with a required legal demand which is also redacted) there is no linkage to 9/11 having been prevented. Ironically, the article is a trailblazer of assumptions and thin on evidence threads and conclusions! It is not like there was no warning at all. At least he got it right on metadata and taxonomies.

Retired Gen. Michael Hayden, former director of the NSA and CIA (and now, a national security analyst at CNN), has recently emerged as a leading critic of the Trump administration, but not so long ago, he was widely criticized for his role in the post-9/11 surveillance abuses.

Source: Hayden, NSA, and the Road to 9/11