SNL Weekend Update: LaVar Ball on Big Baller Brand

What a week … all about balls and nuts! Good thing it was all fake news, from the Scaramuci in the mouth thing to the LaVar Ball Big 3 (is that BBB or 333??) stuff like that is all made up fake news! Just look down (pun) and read last week’s posts. It is just nuts! SNL synchronocity (not the watch thing) and parallels (49° LOL) make it even more nuts!  😂😂😂🐴🐸🐥🐔🐀🐐🐩🐷🐒🕸️ 🌞🌟💫🔥💥😂😂😂


SNL Weekend Update: Anthony Scaramucci FaceTimes the Show

There is so much in this FaceTime clip … but “Nutless liberals” just do not get it … he did not say try but claims he saw it “tip to tongue” … the Mooch is loose … … Haha. This nuts and c**** in the mouth thing was just a sick rumor. I can tell with a high degree of confidence it was not a NYC, Italian or Irish thing … and I know these guys well … just another UC/Bannon white supremacist light (pun not dark) humor/rumor trying to Helter-Skelter everyone into a war over peenuts. So much nut stuff in the past 2 or 3 weeks is just nuts! 😂😂😂🐴🐸🐥🐔🐀🐐🐩🐷🐒🕸️ 🌞🌟💫🔥💥😂😂😂  Go light on nuts


Army field manual provides cyber, electronic warfare template

“It’s not perfect, but we didn’t intend it to be perfect. We intended to make sure it could get out so our commanders could have an ability to leverage it,” Lt. Gen. Paul Nakasone, commander of Army Cyber Command, told C4ISRNET.

Source: Army field manual provides cyber, electronic warfare template

Go Light on Nuts

Jim and JT (lets call them JJ as they have a whole taxonomy, metadata fork, but no more to themselves) have done it again! Speaking about nuts, this episode of Camp Winnipesaukee (that is a mouthful) has both nuts, light — and — it reminds me of Kwankiko Academy somewhere between Vancouver and Bellingham — past the transparent wall (is that Billy Crystal BTW?) — hard to get in — you can only get there on a horse (comme un Chevalier — so many puns in there,) Harley or fly there like an angel. Mr. Fletcher realized it was nuts trying to stop light and does not look like the wizard in charge — lighter (weight) grandstanding showboat fiercely independent killer Apegent — who has been not seeking but catching light — or rays — false-flagging light! So much light it is just nuts, and good thing, despite the innuendo, the clip is still PG and not within the purview of some habitual political posturing, 1st amendment and porn.

But oh no …. the story does not end there … it could have … it could have been a whole season but it just begins … and boy does it get more and more “nuts” … It can be a movie sequel The Nut Job III.  Just watch. 🙂 Do not leak it (though really impossible) or you may get head piked/spiked in Camp Zombie purgatory.

Intel Report on Russia is as Close as it Comes to Absolute Certainty – The Cipher Brief

Gun-shy, physicists radical empiricists win! Notwithstanding past excuses which will be scrutinized — at this point — dismissing the conclusions is not just irresponsible, it is collusion and treason. It ain’t going away — hell burning hot or freeing over!

Nearly everyone now accepts that Russia attempted to interfere with the U.S. electoral process with the aim of harming Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign. Even President Donald Trump has grudgingly admitted that Russia was behind the hacking of the Democratic National Committee.

Source: Intel Report on Russia is as Close as it Comes to Absolute Certainty – The Cipher Brief