Small Dogs Pee Higher to Lie About Their Size, New Study Concludes

This is another reason I prefer interacting with women.

You just can’t trust a little dog.

Source: Small Dogs Pee Higher to Lie About Their Size, New Study Concludes


The Bayeux Tapestry Features an Array of 93 PENISES

If you ever doubted that the Nazis were a bunch of prick loving pricks, you should hear it form the horses … mouth. 

“The Gestapo removed the tapestry to the Louvre in Paris – just days before the German withdrawal. A message from Heimlich Himmler – who coveted the cloth because it is a part of Germanic history – is believed to imply the Nazis planned to take it to Berlin.”

George Garnett, a professor of medieval history at Oxford University, has looked at the human and horse genitalia in the Bayeux Tapestry to understand more about its makers.

Source: The Bayeux Tapestry features an array of 93 PENISES

Startups and Something Completely Different

It the weekend again and a break for some fun (sorta) subject. Startups. I have seen many, been in them, studied entrepreneurship formally and live them. I just love so much about creating new businesses, the energy and dynamics and interactions of a (good and quality) young, mid-age and old working together team. Seattle and Bellevue are all about startup and innovation.

I have also decided to be a bit less formal and share more personal experiences along with professional posts.  Some experiences may be more or less interesting, odd, off and I have had some out-of-this-worldy ones. It is a blog after all, but not The Lawfare Blog.

Startups are one place where personal and professional intersect for me. Great start and segue!

I just came across some stuff — a mix of ephiphany and flashback to some odd events that followed. And hey, there is also an unexpected bit of nobility in the story.

I met this guy Daniel “Crash” a few times at a Starbucks back in 2014. He was there often working with a crew which he was running, mostly in 20’s and 30’s. It started with casual conversations and then he tried to slowly suck me in his startup. Military background, pilot, and shot in the back, he talked 24 hour clock for meeting and call times. The kind of guy with a story that gets respect and can intimidate at the same time. He was also articulate and seemed to be a nice guy, given my limited interactions. The optics were not bad.

He was the COO and invited me to meet his CEO at a Microsoft telepresence room to tell me more about the business which was in somewhat of a stealth mode at the time. There was no Microsoft involvement, only the room use by someone with access. So, just a startup role definition; sometime in the late 90’s many idea-level company people started with C-suite titles.

I met the CEO only that one time, who Crash introduced as a nobility; his Twitter and other social  media do include the title Lord. Seemed to be a nice guy. There are sure more nobility in the area than I assumed; also some of this Lordy stuff going up in Vancouver but then it is so British.

I wanted to find out more about the idea after the meting but Crash completely disappeared, not even returning emails (after just about total of 4 or 5 non-casual contacts.) Poof, like a Genie, I did not hear from or see him again and I did not care as there were very basic errors in the concept-execution, which surprised me, and which he could not answer. The business seems to have never taken off and closed by early 2015. I forgot about the whole thing.

Now come the odd Twilight Zone stuff. Fast forward to later in 2015, I do not know why it comes form someone else that Crash took  my unrelated graphic literary posting personally. Scary and I  brushed that away by denial — which was true.

Then there was more latter. A shop regular who is BTW very detail oriented, methodical, smart, cautious, business and legally savvy — albeit constantly mad at someone or something, with a tendency to go ape-shit on a short fuse — and whose wife actually feels spirits (he is fine with that) —  started getting Crash in conversations, leading to gas and ovens, with locked jaws and veins popping on his neck and forehead … went full Jekyll and Hyde and just got really scary. Wow!

I am not sure why, but that poor Crash guy, people that I was not aware also knew him, would drag his ass in way out-of-place contexts for no reason!? What did he do to these people? I have to ask him next time I see him, if and after I pull the Genie out of the lamp.

But enough negativity. This below looks the startup way, natural, genuine laughter and fun with the hashtags like behindthescenes and killing it!

Add crushing it and crashing it.

The CIA and Pelé

What dirty secret could be on page 3? Ask Pelé, he is not bound by classification.

Wow! Great analysis, presidential coaching (not by Pelé) and display of genuine American humility and interest for the less developed (but not the knocked out English.) It was visionary at the time; the rest of the world is now providing, not a little but, all technical assistance for Americans.

CIA’s observations are right on the spot: a game where size does not matter and you do not need equipment. Soccer is such befitting (not the greatest adjective) name. Finally, I, also want to mount a whole team where the object isn’t to hide the ball. On second thought, the object part is not written in stone … some rules can to be broken. 

A 1975 memo from Henry Kissinger uncovered in the Central Intelligence Agency archives details the then-Secretary of State’s talking points for an upcoming Oval Office meeting with Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the Brazilian soccer phenom better known as Pelé.

Source: The CIA and Pelé

More Dark Side Imagination

It is the weekend and time for more fun. It is also good to keep conspiracy theory exposure/closure traditions going by shedding light on those — ooh so deep dark secrets.

Remember the “secret” — reserved for in-the-know people — rumor that the Russians shot JR in D.C.; the house Sergeant at Arms in the middle of the house scandal and Rubbergate? Probably not even if you were there at the time …

But shhhhh … it was a “secret” thing meant to be propagated as a secret. Fear mongering rumors of KGB attack in D.C. and investigations gave it  credibility and traction. Must be the Info ops of the century or the millennium; a dream gold mine of stings, budgets and headcount that dragged on and on, and a dying industry people have been banking on.

Some also misinterpreted, misunderstood or imagined Bush senior said the Russians did it. You can hear it from the horse’s mouth below. Now do not say but he really did or he meant they did, or meant they did it but compassionately with JR’s health in mind. Then it was not the first time someone got shot and everyone else was told the Russians did it. This is the kind of stuff that would have pissed people off, sown distrust and caused divisions.

Gotta take bullshit by the horn and call bullshit with a bullhorn. Someone put a nail in that coffin, or a clip in it if you are gonna have to keep digging it up. Now get your house in order and stuff like that!