The Pentagon collected research that warned Soviets with “super-human abilities” could shoot lightning out of their hands

Goes without saying – so have no doubt
Super-sensitives are – oh so thin
‘ts not condoms,  that I’m talking about
But electrovalents on their skin

Super human, what an organism!
Yanking his sword, it was frightening
30 hours a day,  practiced onanism
And got fiery balls of lightning!

As late as 1990, reports collected by the Pentagon show the U.S. Government was willing to take seriously reports that the Soviets were able to manifest “ball lightning” by using the brain as a “superconductor.”

Source: The Pentagon collected research that warned Soviets with “super-human abilities” could shoot lightning out of their hands


Five times CIA read Playboy for the articles

Honey! I swear this is work stuff I brought home, just for the articles and related to national security matters.

Playboy magazine was founded just a few years after Central Intelligence Agency, and together, those two institutions left their mark on the 20th century, for better and for much, much worse. To mark Hugh Hefner’s passing, we dug up those times those two overlapped in the Agency’s declassified archives.

Source: Five times CIA read Playboy for the articles

Conspiracy Abundance Category!

After much deliberation, I bit the bullet, added the Conspiracy Abundance category and retroactively updated a few eligible posts. Deliberation by who you ask? I cannot tell … now can I? What kind of lame introduction to this category is that and how low of a bar would I be setting?

Here you shall discover (or uncover) secrets: so carefully  nixed — some well hidden — presumed deep-sixed — unclassified but still forbidden.

I missed September 9 for all the joy the 9 conspiracy could have brought but did not want to be upstaged by a renewed surge of 9/11 conspiracy alternative facts. Do not expect to find a jet engine here either, those stuff are not worthy for a well connected post-renaissance (but pre-industrial revolution) Persian royalty that I am. Let that claim sink in for a second: pre-industrial revolution!

OK I just tell you a bit about how I know all this stuff, but first, for all those super conspiracy religious folks that do not get it, we have an overwhelming majority of Cyrus the Great and Esther in the Old Testament. But we did not stop there and then. We actually sent 3 kings/magi to visit baby Jesus — with gold, frankincense and myrrh. See the connections and abundance?

Expect the usual suspects: the Illuminati, Freemasons, Skull & Bones, Bilderbergs, Elders of Zion, Bohemian Grove, Rothschild (ugh … they are so rude they missed last night/today’s nocturnal meeting) and as a bonus CIA cats stuck on eow (no M) due to a MKULTRA Y2K bug although spying on the Martians was ROI positive. I will get NSA, EPA and FEMA in as time and space permit.

Hang on to these hindsight divinations for now — that’s right — looking into the future — just backwards.

Meanwhile solve this you disbeliebers. But think twice before saying this is nuts — it is not — just giga Gaga land!




Jimmy Fallon & Russell Crowe Going Full (Frontal) Nuts

To keep up with the spirit of the blog and a week that has been just so nuts, and almost statistically significant, here is another ballsy clip from JF to top it off and get to the heart of the matter.

No-Conspiracy Despair Alert!

Too bad there is no Russian connection but lets make something up. Quick — swear to something — terrorism, some cartel somewhere, Italians, IRA, Freemasons, MI-6, Mosad, Mao, Napoleon, Genghis khan, Shah of Iran! Just get a FISA order and serve NBC and the East coast media where they will kick your special pony little ass to heaven or hell on this church Sunday and reunite you with the angels. But do not mess with the confederates below 49°. Like the song says — don’t go swimmin’ — down in the South …