A Brief History of Children Sent Through the Mail

America is an experiment. We can do whatever we want until explicitly asked not to or prohibited from doing so.

In the early days of the parcel post, some parents took advantage of the mail in unexpected ways

Source: A Brief History of Children Sent Through the Mail


The CIA and Pelé

What dirty secret could be on page 3? Ask Pelé, he is not bound by classification.

Wow! Great analysis, presidential coaching (not by Pelé) and display of genuine American humility and interest for the less developed (but not the knocked out English.) It was visionary at the time; the rest of the world is now providing, not a little but, all technical assistance for Americans.

CIA’s observations are right on the spot: a game where size does not matter and you do not need equipment. Soccer is such befitting (not the greatest adjective) name. Finally, I, also want to mount a whole team where the object isn’t to hide the ball. On second thought, the object part is not written in stone … some rules can to be broken. 

A 1975 memo from Henry Kissinger uncovered in the Central Intelligence Agency archives details the then-Secretary of State’s talking points for an upcoming Oval Office meeting with Edson Arantes do Nascimento, the Brazilian soccer phenom better known as Pelé.

Source: The CIA and Pelé

More Dark Side Imagination

It is the weekend and time for more fun. It is also good to keep conspiracy theory exposure/closure traditions going by shedding light on those — ooh so deep dark secrets.

Remember the “secret” — reserved for in-the-know people — rumor that the Russians shot JR in D.C.; the house Sergeant at Arms in the middle of the house scandal and Rubbergate? Probably not even if you were there at the time …

But shhhhh … it was a “secret” thing meant to be propagated as a secret. Fear mongering rumors of KGB attack in D.C. and investigations gave it  credibility and traction. Must be the Info ops of the century or the millennium; a dream gold mine of stings, budgets and headcount that dragged on and on, and a dying industry people have been banking on.

Some also misinterpreted, misunderstood or imagined Bush senior said the Russians did it. You can hear it from the horse’s mouth below. Now do not say but he really did or he meant they did, or meant they did it but compassionately with JR’s health in mind. Then it was not the first time someone got shot and everyone else was told the Russians did it. This is the kind of stuff that would have pissed people off, sown distrust and caused divisions.

Gotta take bullshit by the horn and call bullshit with a bullhorn. Someone put a nail in that coffin, or a clip in it if you are gonna have to keep digging it up. Now get your house in order and stuff like that!


Dismembered human feet keep washing up on beaches in western Canada – CNN

Speaking of the devil, BC and body parts … this CNN story is true (unlike the other ones …

It is unlike my sense of humor and I apologize in advance for the reference below which may be in bad taste (or not literally since it depends on one’s disposition) … but don to get the post wrong … remember North or South, East or West, etched in stone at the peace arch is “Brethren dwelling together in unity.” It will be totally peaceful and harmonious for the immediate foreseeable future … like 1,000 years. Now here you go.

In Canada the mystery of the dismembered feet continues.

A man was out for a Sunday afternoon stroll on a British Columbia beach when he made a gruesome discovery: a human foot in a hiking boot, lodged in pile of wood.

Authorities aren’t saying much more about the foot. But it’s the 14th found washed up on a shoreline over the past decade in or around the Salish Sea between Vancouver Island and the British Columbia mainland.

Nine of the 14 feet have been identified, and officials determined they belonged to six people. According to the British Columbia Coroners Service, no foul play was involved in the previous cases.

Source: Dismembered human feet keep washing up on beaches in western Canada – CNN

BDSM Fan Creates Extremely NSFW Amazon Alexa Hack

“A British designer has created an NSFW use for his Amazon Alexa, essentially turning it into the world’s first robotic dominatrix.  Gary, known online as Deviant Designs, linked up his Alexa to a device that he made himself, designed to deliver pain on demand. The Echo Dot connects to a Raspberry Pi, which in turn is connected to an Arduino hardware controller wired to an electric shock collar for dogs, Engadget reports. This dog collar, usually worn by pets to prevent them from running away, has been broken apart by Gary, an amateur enthusiast who learned all his coding and hardware skills from online tutorials. The wires that deliver the electric shocks were taken out and inserted into shock clamps, specifically designed to be clipped to your labia.”

So it is a novel idea, but not that creative (at least by BDSM standards) although it does address a market and customer pain point. What is really funny are the comments. What? These guys are getting into a spat about Asimov’s Laws of Robotics? It is heartwarming to know there are ethical BDSM practitioners out there. Hey Gina Haspel, are you listening? New blood and In-Q-Tel project for a tamer CIA! KSM would keep asking for more … more … please …

Source: BDSM Fan Creates Extremely NSFW Amazon Alexa Hack

The FBI protects Superman’s secret identity from FOIA

What would Comey do?

Included in the most recent batch of Federal Bureau of Investigation records regarding the Church of Scientology is the script for a play written by COS’s Ministry of Public Relations in order to counter the “inflammatory statements” being made by a “dissident church member.” Making light of what they call the “comic book flair” of the rogue ex-Scientologist’s claims, the play consists of an interview between him and “the greatest reporter of them all,” Superman’s alter-ego, Clark Kent – whose secret identity is safe, thanks to the Bureau’s redaction.

Source: The FBI protects Superman’s secret identity from FOIA